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Richmond VA Taxi Rates

Be sure to call ahead whether it be a ride to or from the airport or a ride home from a great evening out. We are here to meet all your transportation needs.

  Welcome to our site. We give you all the information about rates, long distance rates, some pointers that will save you time and money and some recommendations about companies we think you will enjoy riding with either to the airport or just around town.

    The new year 2015 is in full swing! Remember to please make being safe a top priority as you are out and about. Please drink responsibly.
Remember to always play it safe by calling a taxi when leaving any party instead of driving yourself. If your planning to let someone else drive, make sure they are safe and sober. Planning ahead saves regrets later. Think of it as your Mom, Dad, son or daughter whose life is not replaceable that you can help now by not having regrets later as well as yourself one day by not becoming a victim of a drunk driver. The biggest difference we see is the example you show others. Call a cab because were a lot more comfortable than a paddy wagon and a whole lot cheaper than that "other" ride!

              "Ops! Looks like I'm not going home... not now at least!"

  Early morning pick up
times that are reserved go quickly as many try to get to the airport and train around the same time. Please plan your travel in advance and you will also be helping our taxi providers to be able to best accommodate your requests.

              CALL US TODAY! 804-839-8400 or 1-866-668-8549 toll free.

                                                            Regulated Taxi Rates:

    $2.50 per mile (.50 per 1/5 mile)
    $2.50 first 1/5 mile

    $1.00 9 pm - 6 am surcharge for night service per trip.
    $1.00 per extra person and children 6 and under are free.
    $0.50 per every 80 seconds wait time (Including Traffic Delays)
    $2.00 Airport Pick up Access Fee and $10 Minimum from Airport
    All Tolls while en route to your destination only
      Long Distance Rates are listed at (Most times even cheaper than Uber!)

   The information presented on this site is the latest information available for regulated taxi rates in Richmond, VA and the surrounding counties of Chesterfield, Hanover and Henrico. Cab rates are regulated by local laws in our areas served, so the rate will be the same for all taxi companies regardless of the company you choose to ride with. The kind of vehicle you ride in will also not effect the rates on travel inside the Richmond region. Taxi rates have remained the same since Jan. 01, 2009 even while gas prices have gone up and down several times in the last five years. Drivers rely on your tips to help cover these fluctuations as cab drivers pay for most, if not all the gas they consume while driving you around to your destination.The Total fare is indicated on the taxi meter and reflects ALL charges except tolls. Taxi meters must be OPERATING at all times while operating inside the Richmond region. Flat Rates are available from most taxi companies on travel outside of the Richmond Metro Region, but are up to the discretion of each company. Tipping your driver is encouraged as this is an American custom and your generosity should be based on the level of service received from your driver. Gratuities are not part of the rate structure as with some car services, so the drivers really appreciate your generosity as they are out there for you and your safety.

   This website has been coordinated by the efforts of Gentleman Taxi, Ashland Taxi and Chester Express Shuttle & Taxi. We offer this information so our passengers can make informed decisions as we know many customers have questions about taxi rates and what to expect when taking a taxi in the Richmond, VA metro area. Be sure to look at the next few pages for more helpful information about rates and long distance rates. We have also provided useful links to help you with determining prices and reserving your ride. Feel free to call us or use the contact page on our site here if you still have any questions, comments or need specific information. We hope that you will take advantage of the information that is presented here and call on us when you need our services. Coverage areas and contact information from each company are listed below.

GENTLEMAN TAXI - (804)839-8400
TOLL FREE (866)668-8549

   We service all of the Metro Richmond area and especially South of the James River including Chester and Midlothian, VA. We have Black smoke free Lincoln Town Cars and vans and have been in operation since 2003. We accept all credit cards including American Express, Discover and most reservations. Our website has customer reviews, additional rate information about long distance travel such as rates to Washington Dulles Airport and more. We also GUARANTEE the best prices for long distance travel or we will pay $100 toward your trip if we fail to beat or match a better price for comparable service. In most instances, our prices for longer distances are even less than Uber's rates and you have the option to pay by credit card or cash! We also have a section at our website that contains fine restaurants in the Richmond area and great places to visit, many which are free to visit. We are an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau since 2009, the longest stretch for any taxi company currently accredited in Richmond plus we have an "A+" rating!

Ashland Taxi - (804)837-4350

    We are a new company that offers affordable cab service to Hanover County and parts of Caroline County. We will be centering our attention on providing great service to the areas of Ashland, Mechanicsville and the Hanover Courthouse. We are still in the process of getting started, but once we get our wheels rolling, you will be seeing a lot more of us.

Chester Express Shuttle & Taxi - (804)536-3546

   We offer passenger transportation and courier delivery services in Chesterfield County including Chester, VA and surrounding areas and have been in business since July, 2009. We are a taxi and shuttle service that helps with shorter trips and errands in the Chesterfield area, but we also go many times a day to the airport, train or wherever you destination needs to be including around the corner, across the state or even out of state.

    BY USING THE LINKS BELOW, YOU CAN MAKE RESERVATIONS AT MOST ANY AIRPORT NATIONWIDE FOR PICK UP and/or DROP OFF. You can also pay in advance and get frequent flyer miles added to your airline frequent flyer accounts in some cases. Call for details. Local transportation can be requested by calling any of the numbers above. You can know your cost up front by using the TAXI FARE FINDER LINK below to estimate your distance and rates.


Gentleman Taxi
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Phone: (804)839-8400
Fax: (804)745-8464
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